Privacy not included

Laptop privacy with sweater.

[Photo: Laptop Privacy wit sweater By: Meme Binge License: CC]

From the moment you enter the web, there are trackers sniffing out your every interaction on the web. Ads are looking restlessly for your information so they can sell you that one app you need or that pill that makes all doctors mad. Your location, your likes, dislikes, clicks… are stored in some online folders by some tracking companies that may know you better than you know yourself. They filter your news and your ads with algorithms you express. They sell it to companies and you don’t earn a dime. They’re all in this because they want to desesperately sell you something.

So one should consider, there is no privacy on the web but… what now?

Lets be honest, from the facebook scandal to the NSA, it has become evident that people don’t care. People don’t care because its not a tangible problem right now. sure these companies sell your info but you don’t know that, you don’t see that and therefore, you don’t care.

In the case of trackers, people realize that the end game of it all is to sell them things you might most probably want.

These problem with these private corporations and their massive invasion of privacy is not only the potential evil that may be caused by it, but also the fact that people don’t really care for ‘potential problems’. Lets be honest, these corporations just want to sell us something and if we don’t like what they’re selling, then they can’t make us buy anything.

When this has become your lifestyle, this it doesn’t feel like a problem

Mozilla firefox has done its part in combating these trackers for those of us that don’t appreciate being spied. There are other apps like light beam that protects your privacy prom trackers. Worse case scenario is the possibility that someone can do something bad with whatever profile the trackers have on you.
But these companies also filter our feeds and our ads. They surround us with news we would approve and sumerge us in our own echo chamber filtering out any chance of a debate in our heads.

This is a problem we’re all guilty off ourselves. Everyone alienates themselves in their own news bubbles on the web regardless of political affiliation. How many liberals have Brietbart on their news feed? How many conservatives follows Buzzfeed? While I do suggest people to open their bubbles and read information from all around the political spectrum, its nothing I can force on anyone.

But what about the government? What ABOUT the government?

Lets be honest, the worst thing private companies can do with our data is selling it without our consent (pretty unethical). On the other hand, what the government does  with our data is mostly limiting our personal freedoms, No fly lists, persecution, personal attacks, profiling and many others violation of our most basic human rights.

Why do people puts up with this? Why won’t they seem to care?

To put it lightly, lets have Butters Stotch explains us why:
People happily trade their freedoms for the illusion of safety considering how that same government has failed on providing us safety over and over and over again. The TSA fails at their job yet people still take off their shoes as if it they’re helping. The FBI failed at stopping Nicolas Cruz and people still trust legislation to solve the school shooting problem. The goverment failed at stopping the biggest terrorist attack yet people still trust them by carrying 3.4 ounce shampoo in their carry-on bags.

Whenever I can fear private corporations, I can fear the government twice for the same reasons. Privacy should be a fundamental right. Period.

Unfortunately I find it hard to find another solution other than ‘lets spread the word’, lets protect our privacy, lets use Firefox and block trackers and call them out and call out the government and share that one post on facebook.

Lets do something, sure, but indifference is the core of the problem.  People don’t care. Where do we go from there?


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